Starting this blog/wiki

I’m starting this blog/wiki in order to share what I find while developing.

I have a very bad memory, and I’m used to taking a lot of notes, for a long time these notes were just small text files in a directory with a file name as subject.

This grew into a directory that I could not even grep with grep * since * referred to too many files!

Safe to say it was the bare minimum in terms of organization.

And this is where org mode came to the rescue.

I had been an emacs user for a while around 6-8 years, but I hardly invested time in my configuration and when I did it was mostly to improve my C/C++ environment.

But this last year I decided to allocate more time to it. I started by rewriting everything with the excellent use-package macro and then at some point I tried org mode!

And since then org mode as taken over my note taking, my TODO list, and now I feel I’m organized enough to share stuff online in a way to does not conflict with my work-flow (staying in emacs).

There’s still a lot I’m not happy with but slowly I’m making progress.

I hope this blog/wiki will reflect this progress and serve as reference.

I’m still not clear however on what to post, when to post, what kind of post should I make ? long,short,journal? Is a wiki better ?

But I figured whatever let’s just start writing anything anyway I want and see how it goes otherwise I would never start.

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