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Here you will find my notes mostly about GDB development and Emacs.
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Development Notes

About me


I’m Antoine Tremblay, I’ve been a software developer since 2005.

I started working on GDB in 2015, before that I worked on multiple projects including GStreamer and other private code mostly for Linux but also OSX and iOS for some time.

I’m also now working on Theia since 2017 it’s an IDE written in Typescript that aims to work as an Electron application and in the browser.

I’m also an Emacs user, it’s the editor of my life, we’re happily married and the more I spent time on it the more I love it 🙂

For more you can find my linkedin page here.

You can find my github repos here here.

You can contact me at hexa A T kayaksoft.com

You will also find me as hexa on irc.freenode.net, I usually hang out in #gdb

Or on gitter in #theia as hexa